Music as a component of the processes of professionalization of the cultural and artistic life of Drohobych region at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries

  • Liubomyr Ihorovych Martyniv Candidate of Art Criticism (PhD), leading concertmaster of the Department of Cultural Studies and Art Education of the Drogobych State Pedagogical University named after. I. Franko, Drohobych (Ukraine)
Keywords: public unions, societies and associations, cultural and artistic life, professionalization of musical-concert activity.


The purpose of this intelligence is to analyze the musical and artistic
components of cultural and educational processes in the life of the Ukrainian
community of Drohobychyna of the interwar period, which prepare the
ground for the further professionalization of professional music education.
The methodology of the study is to use retrospective and structural-system
methods in the analysis of sources; historical - in the study of the peculiarities
of the development of the traditions of performing and the formation of the
principles of musical creativity in the context of artistic and cultural life of
the region. Scientific novelty consists in the fact that for the first time the
author has isolated and comprehensively considered the musical components
of cultural and educational activity of Ukrainian public associations of
Drohobychnia of the studied period. The consistent activity of public, sports,
artistic, cultural, educational and singing associations and societies of
Drogobych, with numerous amateur groups, resulted in their high creative
activity, a strong social request for musical concert activity in the context of
national and social events, awareness of the need for its centralization, and
professionalism at the level of cells in many towns and villages of the region.
The multifaceted study of the aforementioned aspects enables us to identify
the sources of professionalization of the concert practice forms relevant for
the region relevant to their needs in the professional training of practicing


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