Тhе incarnation of nostalgia in the piano cycle «Love» by V. Barvinsky

  • Oksana Yuriivna Semenets teacher of Children's music school No 28, Kyiv (Ukraine)
Keywords: V. Barvinsky’s creativity, nostalgia, modernism.


The features of nostalgia in the piano loop «Love» by V. Barvinsky are
considered. Attention is drawn to the peculiarities of the composer's style in
different periods of creativity. In particular, the influence of modernism on
the work of V. Barvinsky stands out. So modernist features have appeared in
many of the works of the composer: Prelude h-moll, Part II from the cycle
«Love», «Prelude» from «Suits to Ukrainian folk themes», «The Frog Waltz»,
«Preludes of the e-moll», «Fis-dur, Cis-dur», «Trio a-moll», solos «In the
forest», romances «Oi luli, luli», «In the evening in the house», Sonnet
«Blessing be», «Pastoral prelude to fis-moll», «Youth Quartet», «F-moll
Piano Concert», romance «Moon-Prince», «In the Forest», «Oh Fields,
Fields», etc. Also available for V. Barvinsky's creative method is the use of
dialogue and polylogue, a kind of semantic game that manifested itself in
allusions to M. Lysenko, R. Wagner, J. Puccini, K. Debussy, M. Ravel, and
others like that. In addition, it refers to nostalgia as one of the characteristic
features of modernism, which was particularly manifested in the art of the
late XIX - early XX centuries. In music, nostalgia can be called appeals to
past styles and epochs, including baroque and classicism. Thus, neo-baroque
and neoclassical features are observed by composers I. Stravinsky,
P. Hindemit, M. Ravel, J. Roger-Dyukas, G. Fore, D. Miyou, A. Onneger, in
Ukrainian music - M. Lysenko, K. Stetsenko. Also, the article focuses on the
special discovery of nostalgia in the era of the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. It turns out that for this period nostalgia was a characteristic feature that
manifested itself as one of the factors of rethinking being. In particular,
nostalgia was expressed in the piano cycle «Love» by V. Barvinsky as anxious
for his homeland, the bride, grief for lost during the First World War, and so


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